Japanese 日本語-Nihongo



You love Japanese culture but the language barrier is quite an obstacle. Reading and writing is just MURI! We understand we’ve been there :p Our lessons are based on conversation but we’ll learn Hiragana and Katakana (highly needed if you want to order anything in a cafe in Japan!)

Ikura desu ka?

Bring a friend with you and we’ll offer you 25% off your membership for a month. Your friend gets 10% off their first month with Le Conversation Club! Sugoi net! 😉

Becoming a member of Le Conversation Club 

entitles you to

  • 10 or 30 mini-group lessons of 55 minutes each
  • Sushi and tea once a month in a Japanese shop with other students to practice your Nihongo in a more authentic and natural environment
  • free access to our monthly language exchange – networking event
Our Beginner programme (from A0 to A1 – CEFR)
  • Introducing yourself, asking for email address and phone number, asking the time
  • Talking about others, giving some personal detail
  • Talking about some personal detail and immediate needs
  • Ordering food and drink at a restaurant
  • Booking, checking in and out at a hotel
  • Doing your grocery-shopping in a supermarket
  • Talking about the weather and outdoors activities
  • Talking about your likes and dislikes
  • Asking somebody to do something
  • Doing your grocery-shopping on a market
  • Talking about your daily routine


Our Post-Beginner programme (from A1 – CEFR)
  • Introducing yourself,  asking the time
  • Occupations
  • Talking about your likes and dislikes (no and koto)
  • Ordering food and drink at a restaurant
  • Asking train fares and stops
  • Talking about what you did at the weekend
  • Advanced greetings and apologies
  • Describing food
  • Asking permission to do something
  • Buying souvenirs for your family
  • Asking for / Giving advice on where to visit in Japan


Please note that Japanese lessons take place in our school in King’s Cross at the weekend and in Angel every weekday night between 18.30 and 20.30.

Booking prior to the lesson is required. We’ll contact you right after we’ve received your payment to send you your invoice and book your first lesson 🙂

How to book?

  1. Go to our shop and select your favourite pack and proceed to checkout
  2. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer. All transactions are secure
  3. Come back to this page
  4. Scroll down. Pick a venue, a service (private or group lesson), a teacher and all available time and dates will appear in blue
  5. Click on what works best for you, fill out the form, and send it.
  6. We check everything and send you confirmation of your booking.
  7. Come to class and enjoy the lesson!


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