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Voulez-vous étudier le français? Our most popular offer is French group lessons for adults. There are 4 students per class on average with an absolute maximum of 8. Lessons last 55 minutes and run every day in King’s Cross or in Angel* .  We can also arrange individual lessons on demand

Combien ça coûte?

Bring a friend with you and we’ll offer you 25% off your membership for a month. Your friend gets 10% off their first month with Le Conversation Club! Intéressant! 😉

Becoming a member of Le Conversation Club 

entitles you to

  • 10 or 30 mini-group lessons of 55 minutes each
  • A glass of wine once a month in a French bar with other students to practice your French in a more authentic and natural environment
  • free access to our monthly language exchange – networking event

Cours de français en groupe – Group lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare a trip to Paris or you need to seal a deal with your French counterpart, we have the right course for you. 😉

Level 1 covers the basics. It takes 30 hours to complete it on average. At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement proving you have completed the A1 level of the CEFR and are ready for an A2 course. Please find the detailed programme below.

Level 2 typically implies that you have studied the language for 100 hours minimum (including your GSCEs!) . Once completed it will take you to the threshold level; that sweet spot where you can finally hold a (basic) conversation and get by in the country. After finishing Level 2, you’ll be a proficient A2 user of the language, ready to take on the intricacies of pronoms, subjunctive and tense uses in general.

Level 3 will put you in real-life situations and make you practice what you already know, you need to be relatively comfortable with passe composé and have enough vocabulary to get by on a trip to France. These lessons are pitched at an intermediate level (B1/B2)

What’s my level?

The best way for us to put you with the right group is to assess your level at a trial or taster lesson. You can also have a look at our programmes below, as a result you should be able to determine your level. Roughly speaking, level 1 is for beginners, level 2 is for elementary, and level 3 is intermediate and above. Level 3 is your chance to have an “on-demand” grammar lessons. For example, if you’re not too sure on when to use imparfait and passé composé, or the subjunctive, you can ask the teacher before the lesson what you’d like to work on. All materials used in the lesson are authentic to prepare you for your next trip!

Level 1 programme (from A0 to A1 – CEFR)
  • Week 1: Introducing yourself and getting to know people
  • Week 2: Family members and numbers ->99
  • Week 3: Asking for the time and numbers ->1000
  • Week 4: Ordering food and drink at a restaurant
  • Week 5: Asking for the time/booking, checking in and out at a hotel
  • Week 6: Asking for items in a supermarket
  • Week 7 Talking about the weather and outdoors activities
  • Week 8: Body parts and talking about health
  • Week 9: Talking about what you did last weekend – Le passé composé
  • Week 10: Prepositions
  • Week 11: Talking about your daily routine
  • Week 12: Revision party

programme A1 French                                                                                                                                                                                    programme A1 Japanese

Level 2 programme (from A1 to A2 – CEFR)
  • Week 1: Introducing yourself and getting to know people
  • Week 2: Talking about your professional future
  • Week 3: Describing someone physically
  • Week 4: Ordering food and drink at a restaurant
  • Week 5:  Talking about others, giving some personal detail
  • Week 6: Talking about the weather and personality
  • Week 7: Buying a train ticket, dealing with strikes
  • Week 8: Hosting friends and workmates
  • Week 9: Organising a weekend out with friends
  • Week 10: Talking about your work experience (job interview)
  • Week 11: Talking about feelings and duties
  • Week 12: Talking about food
  • Week 13: Talking about past habits
  • Week 14:Going to the doctor’s
  • Week 15: Fruit and vegetable and buying food on a market
  • Week 16: Last class in a French café: your chance to practice what you’ve learnt and talk about your future plans.

programme A2 French

Typical Level 3 programme
  • Week 1: Introducing yourself, getting to know people, talking about your weekend, reviewing passé composé and imparfait – les adverbes y et en
  • Week 2: Talking about what you must do in order to achieve a goal – le subjonctif
  • Week 3: Expressing feelings and doubts – le subjonctif
  • Week 4: Lesson over a glass of wine in Angel

 Private Lessons

Private lessons take place in our school in King’s Cross. Just like when you’re in a group, each lesson is 55-minute long but you can take up to 3 in a row (after 3 hours, your brain is completely fried so we’d recommend 2 to be honest). We can adapt to your specific needs, please send an email for more detail

Should you want us to come to your home, we ask for a minimum of £80 per hour in zone 1 and 2, £90 in zone 3, £100 in zone 4.

Taster Lessons

If you’re still unsure whether we are the right school for you, join us for our monthly French taster lesson. They take in Angel or Tottenham Court Road. Just bring a pen and paper and enjoy the evening. During those lessons, we’ll chatting (en français, bien sûr!) and sharing food! We either go to a Wine bar in Angel or at a French cafe in Tottenham Court Road. Drinks and nibbles are included in your tuition fees.


L’Afternoon Tea des Mamans

As a new mum, you’re super busy. You have no time for yourself. And you’d love to meet new people and learn a new language but your little one is too little for school, and that limits what you can do. L’afternoon tea des Mamans is a weekly event for mums who have some interest in French culture or language. We’ll learn a few useful phrases in French in a very relaxed atmosphere. Finally the goal is not to become bilingual but rather to meet new friends and do something useful while chatting over coffee and croissant. Little babies in their prams are more than welcome, but for health and safety reasons we cannot accept toddlers.
Also drinks and croissants are included in the price.

How to book?

  1. Go to our shop and select your favourite pack and proceed to checkout
  2. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer. All transactions are secure
  3. Come back to this page
  4. Scroll down. Pick a venue, a service (private or group lesson), a teacher and all available time and dates will appear in blue
  5. Click on what works best for you, fill out the form, and send it.
  6. We check everything and send you confirmation of your booking.
  7. Come to class and enjoy the lesson!


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