English Lessons

English lessons are 55 minute-long and always start at the top of the hour. Our methodology is based on practice, communicative activities and corrective feedback.

How much is it?


Becoming a member of Le Conversation Club 

Daytime membership

10.00~16.00 If it’s easier for you to have a lesson in the morning or in the afternoon, we recommend you sign up for our Daytime packs. These packs are cheaper than our Anytime Packs. Please note that only our school in King’s Cross offer this option for the time being.

This includes

  • 10 or 30 group lessons
  • free access to our monthly language exchange – networking event
  • free personal feedback on your homework

Freedom membership

You are free to book your lessons anytime, anywhere. It’s entirely up you. This is the most flexible offer you’ll find in London.

This includes

  • 10 or 30 group lessons
  • free access to our monthly language exchange – networking event
  • free personal feedback on your homework

Why would I take English lessons? I already live here!

Well, does this sound familiar?

  • You have moved to London to improve your English, but you can’t go to lessons because you are working. You’ve found a few evening courses,  but classes are too big, the teacher speaks too much, or the locations and time are not very practical, so you end up not going. We offer something different, we give you the choice of where and when you want to have your lesson. It’s up to you!


  • So you have been transferred to London by your company, your manager has very high expectations. You need to expand your vocabulary, have reports proofread and work on your accent, but you have so little free time. Le Conversation Club will provide you with the utmost flexibility if you choose our Anytime Pack.  Furthermore  our teachers have significant experience serving particularly demanding customers and have taught all levels of English proficiency.  As a result we will attend to your needs and requirements, even more so if you want to be pampered and sign up for private lessons.


  • Our teachers also have extensive experience teaching at universities in the UK. And we’re happy to help students with dissertations and presentations. We have taught a significant number of Chinese students and we understand your difficulties with English grammar (noun v. verbs, prepositions, coherence in the argumentation, and so on). We’ll be more than happy to help you ace your studies in the UK!

    What level am I?

  • Beginner: you can’t hold a conversation. You cannot read this website without Google Translate or Weblio. (A1)
  • Pre-intermediate: you studied English at school, but it takes you a long time to make up a sentence. You find conversations difficult. (A2/B1)
  • Intermediate: You can definitely hold a conversation, but not at the pub when people speak too fast or with a strong accent. Writing a report in English takes you too long. (B1/B2)
  • Advanced/ Accent reduction: You get by quite easily in London, but you struggle with phrasal verbs and you are afraid that your accent makes you sound less credible at work. (B2+/C1)
  • Business English: You want to focus on language you need at work, to give presentations, negociate with clients. (B1-C1)

Please note that he vast majority of people are C1 in their mother tongue.  Be realistic and don’t believe charlatans that claim they can make you speak English better than your native language.

So we offer 1 hour lessons (including breaks)  with certified EFL teachers at 5 different levels.

How many hours should I take?


How to book?

  1. Go to our shop and select your favourite pack and proceed to checkout
  2. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer. All transactions are secure
  3. Come back to this page
  4. Scroll down. Pick a venue, a service (private or group lesson), a teacher and all available time and dates will appear in blue
  5. Click on what works best for you, fill out the form, and send it.
  6. We check everything and send you confirmation of your booking.
  7. Come to class and enjoy the lesson!


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