Le Conversation Club? De Supper Street? EkiMae? How do you even say that? (ei-key-ma-ei)

Our story – Le Conversation Club

Once upon a time a fairly well-travelled teacher with a wealth of experience decided to set up the ideal language school. With a strong background in Second Language Acquisition, Psychology and ELT research, mixed with experience teaching on all 5 continents, and a sprinkle of conviviality as the icing on the cake, Le Conversation Club was created. As our name suggests, we are a language conversation school. Whilst living in Tokyo, Japan, our founder worked in an Eikaiwa. Eikaiwa are very common in Japan, that’s where busy professionals go to in order to improve their language skills. In an Eikaiwa, students sign up for a number of lessons and then get to choose when they want to have them! Like any time!?! Yeap, any time\^0^/
What’s more these schools are usually located super close to train and underground stations. That’s the EkiMae (駅前) concept. It literally translates as “in front of the station” in Japanese. We loved the idea so we decided to start near King’s Cross/ St-Pancras station where our main school is now located. We also have classrooms super close to Angel and Tottenham Court Road tube station.
Voilà! That’s Japanese customer service for you!


Our unique approach – Supper Street

While learning a new language is useful and can look good on a CV, communication is what really matters, with some wine and cheese or sushi if possible . The atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed and comfortable. But for real-life practice we go to a French bar or a Japanese sushiya once a month. Tempted? Read more!

The “cafe lesson” is what everybody is looking forward to at the end of each month (including the teachers!  :p ). A glass of wine or a selection of sushi/maki is included in the tuition fees! If you are not a student just yet but that sounds like something you’d love to do, please join us for £15!  Our partners are French or Japanese people who have set up their businesses in London. They are more than happy to welcome you and let you try whay you’ve learned in class on them (It’s actually the focus of the lesson!).  Most of our partners are on Upper Street, appropriately nicknamed Supper Street for its abundance of amazing restaurants.


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We’re very kind people but we do go by these standards. We are not hear to flatter your ego, or mislead you about your level so that you can leave us a great review on Facebook or google. We believe honesty is the best policy.