Le Conversation Club is a language school where you will improve your language skills through conversations lead by a professional. Our teachers can answer any (silly) questions you may have. Their range of expertise covers everything, from grammar to what stations you should avoid if you’re claustrophic and hate lifts!

Why us?

We are the most flexible language school in London. YOU get to choose when you want to have a lesson. Once you’ve bought a pack, you have up to 6 months to book your lessons. It can be any time from Monday to Friday from 10am to 10pm, or even at the weekend from 12pm to 7pm *

Incidentally we are conveniently located close to major tube stations. That’s the EkiMae concept! It’s how they do it in Japan \^0^/ (Read more about our Japanese origins here) Our school in King’s Cross is located at 104-106 Judd Street, but we also have classrooms in Tottenham Court Road and Angel.  We offer English, French and Japanese lessons which are carefully crafted to develop your fluency and accuracy. Should you be particularly keen on textbooks for kanji or English grammar, we have some recommendations for self-study.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, particularly conducive to communication. If you’re a busy exec’, expat’ or mum, we cannot overstate what a great match we are for your professional and personal language needs. Our unique methodology gives you space to practice what you’ve learned and to develop your communication skills in a foreign language, and offers the flexibility you need with your busy schedule.

We offer 3 languages


  • English You live in London, you can get by in English, but you still make the same mistakes and you don’t feel confident when you have to talk to clients at work or your British friends at the pub.


  • FrenchYou have studied French at school and would like to brush it up a little. From complete beginners to fluent speakers, we have a class for you. 


  • JapaneseKonnichiwa! Arigatou! And that’s it; that’s all the Japanese you know. You’d like to learn a bit more without spending hours trying to memorise kanji. Come to our beginner classes. For those of you who have already taken a JLPT exam or nihongo wo benkyou shita, but still can’t hold a conversation,  会話のレッスンはいかがでしょうか。

Our teachers

All our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach, or are bilingual like our main teacher Sophie. They are all very experienced and highly qualified. We understand our students want native speakers. You asked, we did! 😉


Only experienced professionals can provide you with the kind of lessons we offer. Do not be deceived by the relaxed and flexible lesson plans we use during the lessons, it’s a bit like figure-skating or public speaking only the best and most trained can make it look easy and spontaneous. We are chartered linguists, university lecturers, published authors, professionals recognised by their peers.




They are talking about us

Le Petit Journal (French online newspaper)

Ici Londres (French magazine -online and in print)

Our students

Kweku (learning French) Oui c’est très bien

Aimee (learning French) I’m getting my money’s worth

Christine (learning English) I recently had my monthly appraisal with my manager, and she said I looked happier at work and I was working better. And it’s true that I have been feeling more comfortable with my colleagues and with my life in London in general since I started taking lessons with Sophie.


*T&Cs apply

More info about Le Conversation Club

We are open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm on weekdays. On weedends and bank holidays one-hour lessons can be booked anytime from 12pm to 7pm. Still wondering how to book? Well first of all, visit our shop and the offer that’s right for you. We then send you an invoice confirming we’ve received your payment. Send us an email, or a text message to book your next lessons. We are creating a personal space for our members  **still a work in progress**

  • Language exchange – Networking events @Le Conversation Club

    Because we know that communication is the ultimate goal of language learning, we arrange language exchange meet-ups once a month so that you can meet fellow students and practice the language you are learning in real-life conditions. If you are not yet a student of Le Conversation Club, you can join us for £2.5 every time or £25 for a yearly membership (saving you £5). Our events are on Saturdays and usually start at 4 pm. The next one is our Christmas party taking place on 16th December at 4pm in our school in King’s Cross.

  • Our locations – the EkiMae concept

EkiMae (駅前) in Japanese literally translates as “in front of the station”. That’s where we are! Our schools are within 5-minute walk from tube stations. We are so conveniently located that it’s very easy to just pop in on your way back from work! We are in Angel on the Northern Line, two stops north from Moorgate and in Tottenham Court Road, on the Central and Northern lines